Is the AliExpress 11.11 Sale a Big Deal?

November 10, 2020

Should you go crazy for the AliExpress 11.11 sale?  Probably not, but if you’ve already been considering buying some new gear, the 11.11 sale is a good time to know that you are getting the rock bottom price… usually.

It’s common practice for companies to increase their pricing in the weeks leading up to large sales (Black Friday, Prime Day, 11.11, etc) so they can show larger discounts for these big sale days, but luckily addons like honey and allow us to check to see if we’re actually getting a good deal.

Take for example this motorized curtain rod from Zemismart:

The price is listed as $140.13 today, but it will drop to $126.35 tomorrow, just over 10% off, and if you look on AliPrice you can see that although it’s still a deal, as recently as July 2020 it was actually slightly less than that at $125.21.

But 11.11 isn’t really about price drops, it’s about coupons and by combining the low sale price with a site coupon you can get the best deal since last year’s 11.11 sale.  Site coupons offer things like $8 off $150, and some vendor coupons are even better.  After you find a product you are interested in, click the “get coupons” button to find out if there are any applicable site coupons (listed in red) or vendor coupons (listed in yellow).

By using AliPrice to watch for price hikes and combining historical low prices with site and vendor coupons you can get a great deal on items that already have a razor thin profit margin.

Curious what I’ll be buying?
Pixie String WS2812B Lights:
TS80 Soldering Iron (xmas gift for a friend):
Chair covers for our old dining room chairs (exciting I know):
Automated curtain rail for our guest room:






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