Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Deals

November 23, 2023

Black Friday 2023 is here and these are the best deals on products that were winners of my comparison videos, in order of how amazing of a deal they are:

$629 ($220 off) Dreametech L10s UIltra: 

Starting with vacuums, the Dreametech L10s Ultra is the highest performing flagship vacuum and mop combination on the market and it’s currently on sale for $629.  The L10s Ultra is what I use in my house and it outperforms other flagship vacuums that cost twice as much.

$279 ($100 off) Dreametech D10 Plus:

If you’re looking to spend less and you don’t need mopping the Dreametech D10 plus gives great vacuuming performance and an auto empty bin, on sale for $279.

$199 ($100 off) Govee RGB Outdoor 100ft:

$199 ($100 off) Eufy RGBW Outdoor 100ft:

I recently reviewed permanent outdoor LED lighting and the kits from Eufy and Govee came out on top and both the Eufy RGBW kit and Govee RGB kits are on sale for $100 off for Black Friday making them just $199 each.

If you’re in the market for a projector there has never been a better time to buy, because they are basically all on sale.

$1151 ($150 off) Dangbei Mars Pro

$1499 (Sale disappeared?) Formovie X5:

$1497 ($503 off) Hisense C1:

$1609 ($391 off) JMGO N1 Ultra:

If you’re looking for a bright standard throw laser projector you’ve got 4 great options: $1151 for the Dangbei Mars Pro, $1475 for the Formovie X5, $1497 for the Hisense C1 or $1609 for JMGO N1 Ultra.  

The Dangbei Mars Pro and Formovie X5 are best for permanently mounting in a living room, with the Dangbei being the more affordable pick but the Formovie X5 having slightly better brightness and contrast.

For a light controlled theater room the Hisense C1’s triple laser light source produces an absolutely amazing image with vibrant colors and dramatic contrast and is Dolby Vision compatible.

And last, on paper the JMGO N1 Ultra outperforms all 3 of the other projectors in terms of brightness and contrast, but on some screens the MALC Triple laser light engine on the N1 ultra can produce distracting laser speckle.  In spite of that, the JMGO’s impressive brightness and ease of setup make it the best choice for moving from room to room projecting onto walls and ceilings where it can produce an outstanding viewing experience with less than a minute of setup time.

$279 ($100 off) 3 Channel Vantrue N4 Pro:

$209 ($80 off) 1 Channel Viofo A139:

$98 ($40 off) 1 Channel Viofo A119 Mini 2:

Dashcams are also on sale for Black Friday and my top overall pick is the 4K Sony Starvis 2 Vantrue N4 Pro 3 Channel which is $100 off for black Friday, down to $279.

The new Viofo lineup also uses the same Sony starvis 2 sensors and if you just want a single channel the Viofo a139 Pro is on sale for $209, and the lower resolution 1440p viofo a119 mini 2 is the cheapest way to get a sony starvis 2 image sensor, on sale for just $98, plus 50% off viofo branded microsd cards.

$132 ($70 off) Aqara U100:

$40 ($15 off) Aqara Contact Sensor 3 Pack:

$42 ($15 off) Aqara M2 Hub:

Aqara’s entire lineup is on big sale for Black Friday including the top pick from this year’s smart lock video, the U100 on sale for $132, Aqara contact sensors which were the top performing in my tests by a significant margin are on sale for $40 for a 3 pack, and can be paired with home assistant using a zigbee bridge, or you can use the matter compatible Aqara M2 hub, on sale for $41, to connect both your U100 smart lock and contact sensors to whatever smart home platform you want including homekit, amazon echo, or google home.

$294 ($86 off): Seauto Seal SE:

$413 ($128 off): Seauto Shark:

The winner of my robotic pool cleaner video the Seauto Seal SE is $86 off for a final price of $294, and the upgraded version the Seauto shark that includes a fine dust particle filter and extra wheels for tough to climb walls is $413 for Black Friday, its lowest price ever.

Links to everything in this video are down in the description, and If I missed a great deal that you found let me know down in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. As always I do appreciate if you use those links since as an Amazon affiliate I earn a small commission on the sale at no cost to you. 

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